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What’s new, digital jukebox pussycat?

Spending every day working with jukeboxes, it’s not often that the Soundnet team are thankful for a silent, music-free atmosphere. By a stroke of luck, however, it was exactly that silence that allowed the staff over at digital jukebox manufacturers, Sound Leisure, to hear the cries of an abandoned kitten right outside their door.

When the little kitten hadn’t been claimed by its owners, Sound Leisure Chairman Alan Black decided to take the orphan in. Since then, Alan and his PA, Janet have devoted hours of their time to making sure the week-old kitten, who they’ve named Rocket, grows up safe and healthy.

In tribute to this act of kindness, our digital jukebox blog takes a special look at the top songs featuring feline friends. Of course, as Soundnet’sMilestones in Music jukebox package features every top 40 chart hit since records began, this kitty-themed playlist includes everything from old favourites to more modern moggy music.

To start off, how about a trip back to the 90s for a nostalgic pop hit from girl band Atomic Kitten? Continuing with the retro theme, a quick burst of school disco classic ‘Tiger Feet’ is bound to get pub-goers up on the dance floor on a Saturday night. Turning the clock even further back, a touch of Cat Stevens brings a rockier edge to the evening.

For digital jukebox fans that prefer a more relaxed, indie atmosphere, The Cure’s alternative classic ‘The Lovecats’ is always a hit. To follow up, a few tracks from feel-good electronic rock band ‘Super Furry Animals’ will continue to create a light-hearted, relaxed ambiance. Chart fans, on the other hand, will be pleased to see The Pussycat Dolls’ biggest hits on Soundnet’s digital jukeboxes.

As a final track, there can be no other choice to pay homage to Sound Leisure’s very own little Rocket than Elton John’s iconic anthem, Rocket Man.

Contact a Soundnet advisor to discover a whole host of other tracks available through Soundnet’s digital jukebox music packages, whether cat related or not.

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