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Sound Leisure Jukebox Home Use

Soundnet Home Use Service FAQ

If you want to use a commercial type digital jukebox, with music content provided by Soundnet, at home in the UK you will need a Home Licence from Soundnet.

Soundnet can supply you with a legal home use music service for Sound Leisure digital jukeboxes in the UK. Soundnet does not supply a Home Licence for any other manufacturers jukebox.

The cost for the Home Licence is £30 + VAT per month.

How do I sign up?

You will need to fill out an Application Form and Direct Debit form and send us the original copies of these along with the PC number of your jukebox. We will then arrange for you to receive regular music updates. You will be charged the monthly fee which Soundnet will collect each month by Direct Debit.

How much is it per month? What is included in the price?

The Home Use Service is £30 per month +VAT. This will be billed the end of each month. This fee enables you to enjoy the music preinstalled on your jukebox and receive a regular music update from Soundnet.

Do I have to pay for updates? Can’t I just have a one off code and not pay for updates? I’m happy with the music already on it.

Unfortunately, due to copyright licensing laws, you never actually ‘own’ the tracks – only the right to play them. There is no way around this. If you do not pay this monthly fee and you make available the music on your jukebox you are breaking the law. In addition if your jukebox does not receive regular new content it will ‘lock out’ and can only be activated by Soundnet issuing an activation code which you need to input in to the jukebox or by updating with new Soundnet content.

How Do I Find Out The PC Number for My Jukebox ?

1) Open jukebox door
2) Select ‘Collectors Menu’
3) Select ‘Jukebox Info’ – note down “COMPUTER SERIAL NUMBER”

Can we pay upfront for ? I don’t want to set up a direct debit.

Yes, you will be able to pay as much as you like in advance via debit/credit card over the phone to us. However we will still need your completed Application Form and signed Direct Debit form in order to set you up fully on our system. You must agree to pay by Direct Debit to receive the Home Licence service. If you do make a payment in advance your Direct Debit payments will start at the end of your advance payment.

Does Soundnet cover PRS/PPL? What about our licence?

You only need a PPL and PRS site licence if you play music or music video in a public venue (commercial use) – home users only need a dubbing licence which is covered in our Home Licence fee (this is what you are paying for).

What music service do I need?

It depends on your computer number – you can only have the format allowable by the type of machine you have obtained.

Why has the jukebox been barred? Why does it say ‘disc not permitted’ when I try to update it?

The previous owners of the jukebox have informed us that the jukebox is no longer their property; therefore it is barred until it is registered with us again.

How long will the activation code last before I receive my first disc?

The code will last for 24 hours before locking the jukebox again. The jukebox will also be locked again if you turn it off before the 24 hours is up.

How often do I get updates? What’s included in them?

You will receive your updates fortnightly or monthly by post and these will include up to date Top 40 tracks.

Why doesn’t the machine have certain styles/named tracks?

Because the jukebox is a pre used Pub jukebox the hard drive will have removed least played tracks off the drive automatically as it was filling up, or certain songs or types of music may have been deleted. It could be those were the tracks you would have wanted.

My jukebox is faulty, what should I do?

Soundnet do not repair hardware. Firstly go back to where you bought it from. Alternatively you could try the manufacturer – Sound Leisure. Sound Leisure do repair but this jukebox will be way past its free warranty period. You will need to get a quote.