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Celebrity restaurants – background music systems for the stars

This week, Mick Fleetwood, the legendary drummer (and namesake) of the rock and roll band Fleetwood Mac, declared his intentions to open a restaurant in Haiwaii. Mick, who plans to launch his venue in Maui, is the latest artist to step into the gastro business, joining the likes of Bono, Justin Timberlake and Moby.

While the trend of celebrities owning bars is nothing new, Fleetwood’s motivations for owning are unique. Commenting on the news of his intentions, he stated, ‘Selfishly, I’ve built myself a stage to play on any day of the week.’

Of course, any restaurant or bar, even those owned by the likes of Jay-Z or Trent Reznor, needs to consider the type of background music playing over dinner.

Restaurant background music is a vital tool in helping venue owners create the perfect ambiance. Whether you’re Sting (owner of the Socialista) or Justin Timberlake (investor in BBQ institution Southern Hospitality), the background music being played in a restaurant or pub is crucial when you, as an owner, are hoping to give customers an experience they’ll never forget.

At Soundnet, we offer a number of background music packages for restaurants. We’re aware that, whatever the theme or speciality, you want to create a special dining experience for customers. Restaurant background music can ensure that customers enjoy an authentic dining experience, regardless of whether you’re serving fine cuisine or home-cooked comfort food.

Our restaurant background music packages are fully managed, so you don’t have to spend time sorting tracks and playlists for your venue. Our team of music profile experts will ensure the appropriate songs are selected and, because a restaurant background music system offers you peace of mind, you can concentrate on other things; like making sure customers have an experience they’ll want to repeat again and again.

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