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Not just a machine: Tips on choosing the right jukebox music service

Gone are the days when jukebox providers would simply drop a jukebox off at a venue and leave the owner to it; today choosing a jukebox is as much about the supplier’s services as the machine itself.

The level of additional support offered by jukebox rental companies can vary significantly depending on the supplier chosen, and can have a great deal of impact on both jukebox takings and the venue’s atmosphere.

To help venue owners choose the right jukebox service, Pub Industry publication the Morning Advertiser have put together a guide on what to look for in a jukebox provider, featuring tips from Soundnet.

Primarily, a quality jukebox supplier will discuss a venue’s specific music needs before the jukebox is even installed, profiling the venue’s customer base to select the right jukebox model and music library to match the venue’s ambiance.

While the Milestones in Music system is the UK’s most popular digital jukebox, for example, offering every single hit from the top 40 singles chart, the RockBox model might be better suited for alternative music venues. For those with a younger, more trend-conscious customer base, the VenueHub’s cutting edge features, including twice-weekly automatic new music uploads and LastFm app integration, could captivate the crowds.

Beyond music choice, a dedicated supplier will advise on the recommended location for the jukebox, to generate the most attention from customers. Speaker placement and sound zones are also an important factor which a provider should be able to offer guidance on, allowing a venue to operate different volumes in each separate area to shape the mood, such as a quieter dining zone.

Once installed, a specialist jukebox service provider will pay attention to how the jukebox is performing, adapting the jukebox services to better attract the venue’s regulars. This could mean anything from adding additional songs from a particular genre if that style of music is proving popular to pre-programming the jukebox to play slower tempo songs during the day than in the evenings.

To speak to a jukebox expert on the advantages of finding the most effective music service for your venue, contact Soundnet.

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