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Recent research shows that young adults have enduring emotional connections with music that was popular when their parents were young

Amongst many parents and their children, individual music tastes can often cause conflicts. However, recently published research has revealed that young adults obtain a strong, emotional connection with music that was popular when their parents were a similar age.

Conducted by Professor Carol Lynne Krumhansl from Cornell University and Justin Zupnick from the University of California, the study interviewed 62 participants in their twenties who were asked to listen to two chart-topping hits per year from 1955 until 2009. The study, published in the journal of Psychological Science, found that surprisingly, young adults appear to have a long-lasting, emotional connection to music that was popular among their parents at their age and continues on for generations.

“Music transmitted from generation to generation shapes autobiographical memories, preferences, and emotional responses, a phenomenon we call cascading ‘reminiscence bumps’”, explains Professor Krumhansl, lead researcher at Cornell University.

Commenting on the overall findings of the study, Professor Krumhansl later affirmed: “These new findings point to the impact of music in childhood and likely reflect the prevalence of music in the home environment”.

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