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New Music Fridays – great news for Soundnet & Sound Leisure customers

Soundnet, the number one supplier of music to the UK’s jukeboxes, is realigning with the global music industry to make their service more exciting than ever for music fans.

The global music industry is uniting behind “New Music Fridays” from July 10th 2015, a new coordinated release day for music around the world – and, through its partnership with the Official Charts Company, Soundnet’s offer to jukeboxes will also be changing to realign its weekly update – from Sunday to Friday.

As exclusive jukebox partners to the Official Charts Company, Soundnet and jukebox manufacturer Sound Leisure will be changing their online update procedure to bring it in line with the UK’s brand new Official Charts every Friday – and urges any customer who haven’t connected their jukeboxes to do so immediately, in order to benefit from increased revenues that the pre-weekend chart will undoubtedly bring.

“We are committed to ensuring that our customers get the best possible service, so we will be providing a Friday chart update for online jukeboxes,” says Soundnet’s James Luck. “This new chart, with content ready for the weekend, and an extra download per week will mean online jukeboxes will make more money. In addition there is also still a special ‘6 months free’ rental deal on Milestones In Music still available. Anyone wishing to benefit from this should contact us now.”

Giles Jones, Head of Commercial at Official Charts Company adds, “New Music Fridays create a weekly opportunity to re-ignite excitement and a sense of occasion around the release of new music. Kicking off the weekend with new Official charts can only increase awareness and consumption, which in turn benefit our partners, retailers and, above all, the consumer.”

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